Saturday, July 31, 2010

My dog ate a dead squirrel. Should I worry?

As long as it was dead it's OK.My dog ate a dead squirrel. Should I worry?
Yes It could make your dog sick!! But wow i would worry about him eating anything else (Like me!)My dog ate a dead squirrel. Should I worry?
yes if it had rabies. than you could get it too
I would. Take him to the vet right away. The squirel could of had rabies
yes i would worry... please check your dog at the vet becasue the squirrel might of have rabies...
You should be concerned. Squirrels carry some nasty diseases. Call your vet.
no i wouldnt worry . dogs have eaten stranger stuff just watch him for awhile and keep him of your carpet becsuse he may upchuck the food
nah i wouldnt worry that hard about it. Watch your dog for a few days and make sure it doesnt have a problem while pooping. But what i would worry about is your dog sleeping by your feet at night on the lee of your bed! no smelly socks i hope!
i would be worry. Usually when my dogs a bird, they throw it up. You should call a vet. The squirel could have a disease and get caught in the gestive tract if swollowed whole.
No when my dog was a puppy he brought me dead rats, birds, and he even brought me the bottom half of a squirrel so you can only imagine where the other half was. I did not take him to the vet and he is still alive and it has been a good five years. So I think he will be ok. You might want to watch him a little better though because if he is catching squirrels he might soon find a snake and that could be bad.

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