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How can i get a squirrel monkey?

i want 1 so i need to know, where i can get much they cost,and

oh yea what i need to get 1,like if i need papers or anything.How can i get a squirrel monkey?
Yes, you need papers, or else it will crap on the floor. You should change the papers every other day at minimum. Also remember that the diet of the squirrel monkey is very expensive, as they eat meat as a regular part of their diet.

Squirrel monkeys are actually very cheap, as they are viewed like rats in most areas of the world. Do not allow your squirrel monkey to get ahold of sharp objects or firearms.

Come to think of it, you're better off with a nice little doggie. Everyone loves puppies.How can i get a squirrel monkey?
Every state and many cities have their own regulations on exotic animals such as monkeys. The first place you will want to start is probably look into your city/county and state ordinances on monkeys and what requirements they have. You might have to get some kind of permit to own a monkey or you might not have to do anything at all. You will need to do the research.

The cost of a monkey will also vary depending on what the state requirements are. You can probably purchase a monkey for a couple hundred dollars off the Internet but if you want a healthy animal it would probably cost more like $1000. Then you would need food, monkeys can eat regular human food but you can also purchase specific monkey food, it would probably add between $50-$100 to your monthly food costs. They also will require vet care, so you need to find a vet that can take care of monkeys, and not all of them do. There are also going to be other costs such as diapers. Monkeys are also not very good pets they are usually alright when they are young but get very protective when they get older and don't adapt to change or new people. They are also very smart so it is like having a two year old in the house all the time that can climb on all furniture, take off their own diaper, and get into everything.
It all depends on where you live you would need a license to own one and would need to show this when you buy one but where is the question well if you research the monkey itself and track down its habitat and contact various dealers in that country this might be hard to do i am not sure on the cost but i expect it to be pretty high because of the breed and location but once you do track one down all the trouble will be worth while because they are soooooo cute.

hope that helped in some way
You close your eyes, move your arms in circular motions, and sing '; I LOVE CHEESE! I LOVE CHEESE!'; THen flush 3 icecubes down the toilet while listening to Santana.
no way

What is the world record Squirrel?

What was the biggest squirrel ever killed? if you dont know the official record tell e yours. mine is 3 lbsWhat is the world record Squirrel?
I don't know the record, but I killed one that weighed 5 lbs.I had him mounted by a guy just starting out in taxidermy and when I got him back, I was amazed- it had turned into an ordinary size squirrel. The guy said man, I had to trim off a ton of skin to get him to fit the mold! There went my trophy squirrel of a life time. When compared to other squirells I killed on that hunt, the big one looked like a giant. He must have had some sort of a gland problem to have gotten so large.What is the world record Squirrel?
In reality? 1.5 pounds. As far as my wife and co-workers are concerned: it was 82 pounds and had huge teeth. I had to shoot it with my twelve gage so it would stop attacking small children. do they believe me? hmm.
I have the B%26amp;C record for gray squirrels. It weighed in at 19lbs 4oz and measured over 3' from nose to tail tip and was the most vicious animal I've ever come across. We lost a lot of good men on that hunt.

I don't care what anyone says, that was funny.

Oh and I'm not sure what the world record is, but the New Hampshire State record is 2 lb. 2 oz.
I have Rocky, the flying squirrel, mounted and sitting on the mantel under Bullwinkel's head.
The Worlds Record weight was achieved by a Fox Squirrel.*
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  • What does the saying mean... I think I ate your chocolate squirrel?

    I think it's a quote from the movie Anchorman.What does the saying mean... I think I ate your chocolate squirrel?
    idk sorryWhat does the saying mean... I think I ate your chocolate squirrel?
    It's a line from the movie Anchor Man

    Squirrel Problems?

    Squirrels are eating our strawberry patch - any suggestions about how to get them to stop??Squirrel Problems?
    Oh those little boogers!They are very hard to get them to leave once they have tasted your yummy morsels.

    You can put a small cage of chicken wire over the top. push down slightly to the ground because they will try to go under neath. You can put a few long stakes weaved through the mesh into the soil. Other things you can do..

    anything smelly....chive tops, onion heads, crushed mint (tea bags work) stinky shoes, dryer sheets ( not pretty but works very well)

    and whirley-gigs, anything that moves alot.

    Depending on how large your strawberry patch it you can also put liter bottles over them or bird mesh.

    There are also mt.lion scent and other

    predator scent you can get at any sporting good store, however with them you have a smell!

    You can put decoy predator

    around...owls...snakes....I have even used stuffed animals.

    Nothing is 100% except to eradicate them .I myself just put up with them. I also have a squirrel feeder farther away so they are not quite so hungry all the time!

    Good luck and God Bless!

    GrandmaSquirrel Problems?
    Put a ceramic OWL in the patch. With reflective eyes, if available. I have also seen battery-operated OWLS that ';Hoot';.

    Many WALMARTS %26amp; PUBLIX'S put ceramic OWLS on the roof to ward off bats, birds %26amp; squirrels.

    Hope it helps.
    Things I've heard from my gardening friends:

    - put foil along the fence where the travel

    - hang shiny things around the patch (old CD's)

    - fake owl

    - put chicken wire over your patch

    Good luck!
    I would say try this product, it can't hurt. good luck.鈥?/a>
    bee bee gun lol
    Squirrels have to be one of the most persistent and intelligent eaters on the planet. I really hate to post this, but a instead of a scare crow, you have to put a sacrificial squirrel. Once they see one of their own dead at the hands of their desire they will never come back. You may also want to contact an organic gardener or PETA as both will give viable suggestions. Good Luck!
    invite some chinamen over. they will be more than happy to catch em skewer them and roast them.

    If u found a Squirrel with a hat & suit on in the dinner table eating your bowl of peanuts what would you do?

    I would give him a Reese's Pieces buttercup. :)If u found a Squirrel with a hat %26amp; suit on in the dinner table eating your bowl of peanuts what would you do?
    Actually, the bowl on my table contains cashews... But if a squirrel with a hat and suit was eating out of THAT I'd probably be like... ';Hey, weren't you on my bed the other day?';If u found a Squirrel with a hat %26amp; suit on in the dinner table eating your bowl of peanuts what would you do?
    I would thank that squirrel, b/c i have been looking to get rid of those! I would also say ';nice suit!';

    good riddance peanuts
    I'd ask him to take the hat off because it's rude to wear it at the table.
    Let him eat all he want, and invite him to enjoy dinner and a drink with me!
    Ask if I can have the hat and suit so my ferret could wear them to the dance Saturday night.
    Take a photo quick before it goes away and then post it on the internet
    grap the squirrel swatter
    I would make him a pot of tea to wash the nuts down.
    I'd let him have them! Squirrel's with hats and suits on are soo cute!!! =) of course, the only one I've seen is you're avatar, but he is a cutie!
    Well since I live by myself and no one would believe me I guess I would try to cut down on the VODKA.
    I would check his pockets when he was leaving. He may have taken the silverware!
    Shoot it and grill it.

    Grilled squirrel! mmmn.
    tell him to take his hat off at the table
    It would never happen. Within 30 seconds max of entering my house, my cats would kill it.
    You want something to drink, to help wash those peanuts down?
    Kiss it it must be magical and I will turn into a unicorn

    (Kidding about the last part)
    Take it on the talk show circuit with me
    I would say hey Scooter how ya been can i have some those Peanuts lol
    Call my cat he would eat the squirrel.
    Sit down with him and talk baseball-And call him Scooter
    Wonder what the hell I was smoking.
    Say ';Dang! I didn't know mom bought more peanuts!!!';
    I don't have a bowl of peanuts.
    Hug it.
    I'd say, ';oh my gosh...and to think all this time I had you pegged for a gerbil';...then I'd proceed to offer him a medicine dropper full of beer.
    catch it and sell it to a circus.
    pour him some wine!!!!
    thank my friend for the killer shrooms
    build it a mini house to live in!
    i'd change my medication

    Why does the mother squirrel casterate all of her newborn male babies but ONE.?

    Wow, this is a new twist on an old urban legend! The usual way the story is told is that male squirrels will castrate each other while fighting. Either way, squirrels do not castrate each other. I've worked as a wildlife rehabilitator for many years, and I have raised dozens if not hundreds of litters of baby squirrels. I have never seen a baby male squirrel castrated by its mother. I think where this story may come from is that when they are very young, baby squirrels need to be stimulated to urinate. (I assume this helps keep them from going just anywhere all over their nest, mucking it up.) Squirrel mothers stimulate their babies to urinate by licking them just above their genitalia, where their bladders are. Maybe someone saw this once, misinterpreted it, and started spreading this story. But I assure you, it isn't true!Why does the mother squirrel casterate all of her newborn male babies but ONE.?
    Natural Selection. She only wants the strongest one to reproduce.Why does the mother squirrel casterate all of her newborn male babies but ONE.?
    She's HUNGRY!!
    Maybe in captivity they don't do it but maybe out in nature they do....what ever the reason, it's weird. Good should write to the myth buster guys...

    My cat and a squirrel?

    my little ginger male cat has just bought in a squirral with a chrushed head. the squirral was as big as the cat. it was a frog the other do i stop him doing this and is it normal for cats to kill squirrals????? thaks very much.My cat and a squirrel?
    if the squirrel has a crushed head then he probably didn't kill it, it could have been a road kill, but cats do bring things home, they do it to say they love you, we would call it a present, but as they don't get much pocket money, it's the only way to get you something, all jokes a side, it is normal for them to do this. i know its sad, but it is natures way, try putting a bell round his neck to scare the other animals away, the only problem with bells is that if a bigger animal is chasing your cat ie: a dog or fox then it can't hide as well.My cat and a squirrel?
    You should be flattered that he's bringing you such a HUGE present! My cat does it all the time but thank god, they never fit through the cat flap, I just trip over them the next day :( It's a cats way of saying how much they love you - we all buy presents for our family and friends so show how much they mean to us and cats do exactly the same. My cat has grown out of all that now and has settled on rabbits.
    Doubtful your little hunter killed the squirrel. My money would be on the squirrel every time. More like he found it injured and took complete advantage of that.

    As for the frog, sorry frog. Cats are hunters, fact. You will never stop that instinct. I have three cats.

    Rodge The Podge....Air-force, no doubt. Birds are fare game to him.

    Mr Trinkles.....(BIG ginger chap) Army.....ground dwellers, rats mice, frogs (I put it down to he is a little to fat to catch the feathered friends)

    Ms Sqeekums...(was a house cat for 3 years prior to me having her) never seen her catch a single thing. She chatters at birds and looks on with interest when the boys bring ';kills'; home but so far so good with her....but then she is only 3 and there is still plenty of's the only thing I don't like about cats.....
    You can't stop him-he's a cat and they are natural hunters.

    Yes bringing back squirrels is normal.My cousins cat specialises in rabbits but has caught many squirrels too and has even brought back baby roe deer.He is terrible at catching birds though-has tried many times but never managed it yet.
    Keep him well fed and indoors.If you can't keep him in all the time at least don't let him out at nite.

    Indoor cats live much longer than cats allowed to go outside for many reasons.
    You can't stop him cats are predators. Look on the bright side though, he brings them back as a present for you. About time you got him something don't you think.
    My cats never been brave enough to take on a squirrel but ive also had frogs, birds, mice, even grass snakes brought into my home. Theres not really much that can be done to stop them.
    the cat has just bought you back a present its their way of saying thank you. plus you're lucky its not alive ours bring back rats 'alive' so be thankful it was dead
    i bloody hate the fact cat do this,

    so far

    ive seen

    3blue birds

    5 baby mice

    i hate it soooo much!!!!!
    keep your cat indoors.